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We need more leaders and fewer managers.


We have too many managers who are technically skilled but lack the character and skills to be good leaders.


Leadership is about character, not technique.


At university we study subjects like marketing, accounting, statistics and economics. But we have no appropriate experience. We have a limited understanding of management and leadership, although we think we know. We have very little idea of our own personality, behaviour, strengths, weaknesses, values and skills, although we think we know.


After university, in an organisation, we are trained mainly in the technical skills of our job. We usually expand our personality, values and behaviour as leaders and managers by learning from others; by making mistakes and learning from them. We are often trained by trainers who have little, if any, practical experience in management and leadership at a senior level. And, all too often, we can be influenced by the poor values, habits and attitudes of others.


Leadership takes work. And it should.


If you aspire to be a leader,

you should treat leadership as a craft.


You should become a student of it.

You should work at it.